All of our yurts come with a basic set of plans and dimensions to make a one piece permanent yurt base. Plans
are emailed out on receipt of  payment. Our style of yurt base is a simple, easy to make design that can be made
by yourself using basic DIY skills or you can employ a local handyman to make for you. All materials used are
readily available from any DIY centre. We also offer for sale  a nine section base for temporary sitings that can be
moved along with your yurt.
Choose between two differant base designs
One Piece Base
A one piece base can be sited directly on
the ground or with slight modifications on a
pre-existing deck. If you are not planning to
move your yurt this is by far the best option
as it provides a stable base for the yurt to sit
on, as well as a safe, flat surface for you and
your guests to move around on - its also
much warmer - never a bad thing.   

Our base design is easy to build and will
take two people one day to construct. You
will need basic DIY skills or employ a local
handyman to make for you. All materials are
readily available from a local DIY store.
Budget around £600 for materials only for
constructing a No.5 size yurt base.
Siting your yurt base
All of our yurt bases and designs presume
that your yurt will be sited on a relitively flat
piece of  ground. We are not able to offer
plans or advice for yurt bases that are
placed on an incline, side of a hill or other
elevated position.

If you would like advice or have any
questions regarding the siting of your yurt
please feel free to contact us at
Yurts Direct
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