Our No.4 size yurt is the smallest size yurt we make. Hand made in our workshop in the heart of Mongolia. We have been making and using these yurt in the UK for over 18 years. Whilst we have retained their authentic charm and personality, where necessary have we updated materials and designs to deal with the UK climate. All of our yurts follow traditional yurt proportions, as this offers a more stable structure across all weather conditions.  


Area: 19.6 square meters or 210 square feet

Crown wheel: 1.3 meters or 4' 2" wide

54 individual, hand shaped roof poles

Sleeps 2 | Standing 10 | Seated 15

No. of people needed to Pitch: 2



or 16'4"


or 7'9"


or 4'7"



Our bespoke package ensures your yurt arrives ready to pitch straight out of the bag. The wooden frame is finished in top quality paints in a colour of your choice. Anything from a Classic British racing green through to a eyeball straining  yellow or cyan. Alternatively you can go for a neutral finish and just let the natural beauty of the wood shine through via a traditional yacht varnish. 

This package is available from

£6,995 incl. Vat 

Lead time on this yurt : 3 - 4 months

Availability: In Stock


Turn a yurt into your yurt. Our DIY package ensures you add your own individual stamp to your yurt by finishing it in a colour scheme of your choice. All fabric layers and wall sections come pre-finished and ready to use. The door, crown wheel, crown wheel supports and roof poles come as bare wood and will need treating and assembling before first use. Click the link HERE to find out more 

This package is available from

£5,745 incl. Vat

Lead time on this yurt : 2 weeks

Availability: In Stock

8 No.4 yurt twin beds.jpg
10 No.4 yurt crown wheel interior.jpg
8 No.4 yurt door.jpg



1 x  Solid wooden door & frame

Lockable door. Includes two windows in door frame. 

1 x Crown Wheel.

Heavy duty, triple layer construction 

2 x Crown supports

Unique feature of

Mongolian yurts.

54 x Roof Poles.

Individually shaped, finished off with a horsehair tie in the end. 

4 x wall sections

Hand made & shaped. Connected the traditional way with rawhide. 


Layer 1 - Decorative

One piece cotton liner in off white for roof & walls

Layer 2 - Insulation

15mm thick 100% sheep's wool felt insulation for roof & walls

Layer 3 - Waterproofing

PVC roof cover - 100% waterproof for life of yurt & breather membrane wall cover

Layer 4 - Design

Outer cover in 12oz canvas. 


Star Cap

Double skin canvas, star shape rain cap with clear PVC centre 


Outer covers are made from a hard wearing 12oz polycotton canvas. They are available in the classic plain white, or the more natural looking plain green.


For a bold traditional look we are also able to provide white canvas covers with traditional decoration hand sewn on in various colours and designs.


Please click HERE for pictures 



- Traditional style door handles

- Selection of horsehair ropes

- Polyester webbing

- Booklet, pitching your yurt

- Booklet, build a yurt base

- Telephone support




Buy direct from us and there are no middlemen involved. We are a family business from start to finish. We'll ensure you receive a great yurt at a great price. We have been making yurts and using them in the UK for over 18 years. Over 800 yurts sold to date and still going strong. To place an order or just enquire contact us at


Tel: 0208 144 7275

Mobile 0777 324 0000


Want to say hello and talk yurts, then you are more than welcome to visit us at our warehouse in London and pick up your yurt. 

Delivery - Mainland UK

Delivery by ourselves, £1.60 per mile in one direction from our warehouse at CR0 2DS. Calculated using Google maps. 

EU & International Delivery

Available to The Republic of Ireland only. No other international shipping available at this time. 


Most yurts are installed by their owners. This ensures you are familiar with your yurt and how it functions. All yurts come with an illustrated guide showing you how to pitch & care for your yurt. At an additional cost we are happy to visit you and pitch your yurt for you. Prices start from £900 but are dependent on

- Distance from our workshop

- Yurt Size & quantities

- Access to yurt site

Please note pitching service is not available Oct - Feb or for DIY yurt packages. 



Yurt Base

We recommend all yurts are installed on a wooden base. This provides a stable platform for your yurt, a clear runoff for rainwater and a safe, flat surface for you to move around on. A basic guide detailing materials list & installation is supplied to all customers. For more details click HERE


A yurt only comes alive when the fire is lit. Using a stove in your yurt is an essential part of maintaining it. For more details click HERE