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Elegant yurt interior with varnished woodwork and two single beds




Area: 19.6 square meters or 210 square feet

Crown wheel: 1.3 meters or 4' 2" wide

54 individual, hand shaped roof poles

Sleeps 2 | Standing 10 | Seated 15

No. of people needed to Pitch: 2

Yurt wooden frame diagram

2.25m 7'9"

1.5m  4'9"

5m  16'4"



Our bespoke package ensures your yurt arrives ready to pitch straight out of the bag. The wooden frame is finished in top quality paints in a colour of your choice. Anything from a Classic British racing green through to a eyeball straining  yellow or cyan. Alternatively you can go for a neutral finish and just let the natural beauty of the wood shine through via a traditional yacht varnish 

This package is 

£6,450 incl. Vat 

Lead time on this yurt 60 DAYS


This package requires you to paint and assemble the yurts wooden frame yourself. . Simply follow our detailed instructions to guide you step-by-step through every process involved. All fabric layers come pre-finished with no work required prior to pitching

Great savings over our standard prices for those with time and basic DIY skills.  For a detailed overview of what's Involved click        DIY Yurt Paint & Assembly Guide

This package is 

£4,995 incl. Vat

Lead time on this yurt: 14 DAYS 

elegant yurt interior with varnished woodwork two single beds with canopies over them
yurt interior with varnished crown wheel and roof poles with two single beds
looking through yurt door at varnished yurt woodwork and elegant interior


Wooden Frame

Mongolian yurt door painted green

1 x Solid wooden door & frame. Two windows on either side of door. Windows are glazed with Lexan. Finished with traditional style metalwork 

Mongolian yurt roof poles painted green

54 x Mongolian style roof poles. Uniquely shaped they transition from a round profile to a tapered square profile. Finished off with a traditional horsehair tie in end.  

Mongolian yurt wall trellis pre treated with preservative

4 x Trellis Walls Steam bent & Shaped. Connected the traditional way with rawhide. Finished off with a coat of a natural oil based preservative. 

Mongolian Yurt Crown Wheel Painted green

1 x Crown Wheel. Heavy duty, made from three layers of thick wood that are then glued & pinned using traditional construction methods.  

Mongolian Yurt crown supports painted green

2 x Crown supports Unique feature of all Mongolian  yurts. Adds additional stability ensuring yurt frame does not contort in high winds or general bad weather. 

Fabric Layers

Layer 1 

Mongolian Yurt with yurt liner installed

Yurt liner in off white for roof & walls. Provides a neutral backdrop to the yurt frame. 

Layer 2 

Mongolian Yurt with felt insulation installed

Insulation15mm thick 100% sheep's wool felt for roof & walls. Keeps yurt warm in winter & cool in summer

Layer 3 

Mongolian Yurt with waterproof layer installed

100% Waterproof  

Seam welded PVC roof cover & breather membrane wall cover which will never need re-proofing

Mongolian yurt with outer cover and rain cap installed

Layer 4  

Outer cover in 12oz white / green canvas. 

Double layer canvas, rain cap with clear PVC centre to allow maximum light in


Traditional horsehair ropes & Polyester webbing

Booklet - Pitching & caring for your yurt

Booklet - Build a Yurt Base

Door Cover in white or green canvas

For a full breakdown of what you'll receive when you buy a yurt from us click What You Get



Home delivery anywhere in the UK by us. Read more about this topic via this link: Yurt Delivery Guide


Whilst most people install their yurt themselves, we are able to install your yurt for you. Read more about this topic via this link::Yurt Installation Guide


We recommend that all of our yurts should are installed on a wooden base of our design.. Read more about this topic via this link: Yurt Base Guide


Installing a stove in your yurt is an essential part of enjoying and maintaining it. Read more about this topic via this link: Yurt Stove Guide


Finance offered on all Yurt purchases. If you are a business or an individual looking to spread the cost of your purchase over time, we can help. Read more about this topic via this link: Finance you Yurt

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