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At an additional cost we are happy to visit you and pitch your yurt for you.

Prices start from £995 and do not include delivery fees which are separate. 


Prices are dependent on   

1.. Distance from our workshop in London

2. Yurt size & quantities   

3. Access to yurt site 

Please contact us at info@yurtsdirect  supplying the above info for a price quote.

Important Information

Pitching a yurt is weather dependent. Due to the risk of bad weather over the winter months we do not offer yurt installations from November through to March. 

Yurt installation is only available for our bespoke yurts and is not available for our DIY Yurts


Over 95% of the yurts bought from us are installed by their owners. The advantages of doing so are many.

1. It saves you money.

2. Ensures yurt is installed at a time convenient

    for you. 

3. Ensures you are familiar with the structure

    of your yurt and how the various wooden and

    fabric layers function together. This helps 

    you long term in maintaining your yurt 

    and identifying any issues should they occur. 

All yurts come with an fully illustrated guide showing you how to pitch & care for your yurt. To date we have a 100% success rate in people installing their own yurt.   

How long will it take to install my Yurt

Installing a yurt will take one full da

How many people are needed to install my Yurt

16ft diameter Yurt - 2 People

19ft diameter Yurt - 2-3 People                       

22ft diameter Yurt - 3-4  People


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