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Everything you need to maintain and care for your yurt. Spares only available for yurts bought direct from us. 


Roof pole (all sizes, each)  

Wall Section (all sizes, each) 

Door (all sizes, each)  

Crown wheel (all sizes, each) 

Wheel Supports (all size, pair)  

 Painted      Bare Wood

   £40                £25

   £150              N/A

   £1,250           £995

   £1,250           £995

   £750              £495

Outer cover in 12oz plain white or plain green polycotton canvas. 

16ft Yurt £475

19ft Yurt £525

22ft Yurt £575

Outer Cover Plain

Mongolian Yurt with plain white outer cover


Fabric Layers

Yurt Liner

Felt Insulation 

Rain Cover - Roof

Rain Cover - Wall

Rain Cap

Door Cover

16ft Yurt      19ft Yurt      22ft Yurt

  £160              £190             £220

  £1,995           £1,995          £2,250    £450              £495             £550

  £395              £450             £495

  £375              £375             £375

  £125              £125             £125

Yurt With Ornate Cover

Outer cover in 12oz plain white polycotton canvas with design in blue or green *

16ft Yurt £675

19ft Yurt £725

22ft Yurt £775

Outer Cover Ornate







Horsehair rope - Interior (each)  

Horsehair rope - Roof pole (60+ bundle)

Exterior webbing, high tensile polyester

Booklet, how to pitch your yurt

Booklet, make a wooden base for your yurt


Traditional Mongolian yurt with plain green canvas outer cover

Traditional style yurts sold from 2016 - 2021 now discontinued. All spares and related accessories are only available from 

Traditional Style Yurts


All prices include Vat at the current rate. We do not offer postage outside of the UK.



Wooden components are collection only. Wooden components are not kept in stock. 90 day + lead time


Fabric Layers:

Yurt liner £15,                    Felt Set (please enquire)                      Rain Cover - Roof £30                   Outer Cover £30

Door Cover £10.                 Rain Cap £25,                                        Rain Cover - Wall £25

Outer covers do not include exterior webbing set or rain cap which are sold separately. *Decorated skirt as shown in the ornate outer cover picture has been discontinued. and is no longer available. 

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