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Do you ship outside of the UK

Since Brexit we no longer ship yurts or replacement parts outside of the UK

I need a custom made cover for my yurt. Can you do this

Unfortunately this is not a service we offer. 

Do you make any other yurt sizes than the one's listed on your website

Unfortunately we don't. 


I have a yurt that was not made by you but comes from Mongolia, can you supply me with replacement parts 

Although all yurts from Mongolia may look the same, they are not. Due to the many potential variations we are only able to supply replacements for yurts that were made by us. 

I've tried calling but am not able to get hold of you 

Unfortunately we are very busy during the day. We are often delivering yurts,  showing customers around our show yurt or making yurts in which case we either have a paint brush in hand or have machinery running. The best way to get hold of us is via email, as we can often respond out of hours when we have more time. 

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