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Our Authentic Mongolian Yurts are hand crafted in our workshop in Mongolia. Delivered and installed UK wide. Over 1,000 yurts sold since 2004 to campsites, schools & individuals. Yurts always in stock at our warehouse in London.

Our yurts follow a traditional & timeless design. Updated with modern materials where necessary and designed for year round use in any climate. Every yurt consist of a solid wooden frame and door which is then covered with four material layers as standard. This includes a waterproof layer and a 15mm thick layer of 100% organic, sheep's wool, felt insulation. We are confident these are the best quality yurts Mongolia has to offer. 

SMALL YURT         
Yurt Diameter: 
16' / 5m          

This is the smallest size yurt we make. Compact and cozily proportioned, it has a multitude of uses Perfect as a unique garden room, teenage hangout, a cozy home for one, or even that extra bedroom you've always been promising yourself


. This size yurt is a perfect entry into the world of Mongolian Yurts


Available From

 £4,995 incl. Vat 

Lead Time: 21 - 60 DAYS

Mongolian Yurt installed at Chaldon pre school
Morocco yurt

Yurt Diameter: 19' / 5.8m

This is our most popular yurt size by far. A great combination of voluminous space and a great price make it the first choice for many. Whether you are looking to start or expand your glamping business, escape to the wilds of nature,  get some extra space in your life or just live in whilst renovating your home, you really can't go wrong  with this size yurt. 



Available From

£5,995 incl. Vat 

Lead Time: 21 - 60 DAYS

Yurt Diameter: 21' 7" / 6.6m

This yurt has everything our other yurts have to offer, just a lot more of it, so if you are a person that likes their space, doesn't want to feel hemmed in and likes to spread out, then this is the yurt for you. The huge floor area makes it a perfect choice for a school classroom, retail shop, cinema, yoga studio, music practice room or a palace for one. 


Available From

£6,995 incl. Vat 

Lead Time: 21 - 60 DAYS

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